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    Annual Report 2016 | Economic Relations between Italy and the Mediterranean Area

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    With the 6th Report on the Economic Relations between Italy and the Mediterranean, SRM continues its monitoring activity of the trade flows and business relations our Country has with the Mediterranean and Gulf area. Only five years have passed since the first edition of the Report in 2011, but the events occurred in this timeframe – upheavals and political tensions, on the one hand, and unsteady global economic conditions, on the other hand – have caused relevant changes in the trade relations map of Italy with the Med Area. The slowdown of global trade, the still ongoing political crisis in Libya and the sensible decrease of oil price started in 2011, had a significant impact on the numbers of Italian interchange; when adding the growing presence of China in the area, first and foremost with its productions, but also with strong investments in port and logistics infrastructures in the Med & Gulf area, it’s clear how much the competitive arena has changed, becoming undoubtedly more complicated for the Italian system. As the survey highlights, there are new opportunities opening up for Italian companies, for example the Gulf markets, which are interesting both as target areas for some traditional productions of the made in Italy, but also as hubs granting the access to more distant, but highly profitable markets.

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    Abstract – Italian version

    Abstract – English version

    Press release – 25 November 2016

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    Summary of the Report

    Massimo Deandreis’ Speech – 25 November 2016

    Alessandro Panaro’s Speech – 25 November 2016



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