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    MED & Italian Energy Report 2020

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    The Second “MED & Italian Energy Report” is the result of the synergy between SRM and the ESL@EnergyCenter of the Politecnico di Torino.  The Joint Research Center of European Commission and the Matching Energies Foundation also contributed to the creation of the Report. Matching Energies Foundation

    The Covid-19 pandemic – and its consequent lockdown measures – had huge effects on lowering industry production, stopping entire sectors of economic activities and discontinuing some important global value chains. All this situation also affected the energy sector. The impact was clearly driven by the demand side with a strong reduction in energy consumption. In this framework, the Mediterranean Area represents a relevant arena in which to firstly implement and test new recovery plans to counteract the negative impacts of the recent pandemic. In the future decades, it could become an archetype of a fruitful approach to the energy transition. The Basin Area, coupling the renewable potential with the presence of relevant electricity and gas infrastructures, could be a fertile area for developing and applying innovative solutions to integrate electricity and gas system and building new flexible energy systems. Furthermore the Med Area has a huge role in the maritime transport, finding itself on a privileged route for the trade of oil and gas.

    In this second edition, SRM and ESL@Energy Center have developed as much as possible a holistic and dynamic perspective of the potential scenarios with a core focus on renewableas as  key to foster energy transition and Mediterranean cooperation, also looking at new technologies and the emergence of green electricity, gas and hydrogen synergies. In the light of Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences, these opportunities and challenges could really allow Italy and the Euro-Mediterranean area to take on a leading role in carrying out and enhancing the already started energy transition process.

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