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About SRM

SRM is a Center for Economic Studies and Researches whose objective is to develop analysis on Italian regional economy in the European and Mediterranean perspective, with a special focus on Southern Italy’s economic, entrepreneurial and social tissue. Thanks to our studies, published and available for business and academic community, we contribute to the dissemination of the economic knowledge and culture and to create an added value.Moreover, SRM has also activated two permanent observatories: the “Mediterranean Observatory” and “Maritime Economy”, as Italy, and its Southern regions in particular, act as a natural economic and logistics bridge between Continental Europe and the Mediterranean countries.


Paolo Scudieri

General Manager
Massimo Deandreis

Board of Directors
Gregorio De Felice, Elena Flor, Piero Gastaldo, Francesco Guido, Stefano Lucchini, Pierluigi Monceri, Marco Musella

Board of Auditors
Danilo Intreccialagli (President), Gian Maria Dal Negro, Lucio Palopoli

Scientific Advisory Committee
It’s composed by Experts and Univerty Professors:
Sergio Arzeni, Giuseppe Boccuzzi, Carlo Borgomeo, Giovanni Cannata, Francesco Saverio Coppola, Pietro Garibaldi, Piero Gastaldo, Ettore Greco, Cesare Imbriani, Alessandro Laterza, Luigi Nicolais, Vincenzo Pontolillo, Federico Pirro, Piero Prado, Alessandra Staderini, Giuseppe Tripoli, Maurizio Vallone, Gianfranco Viesti

Board of Supervisors
Gian Maria Dal Negro

Ethics Committee
Lucio Palopoli

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