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Author Archives: Giovanna Annunziata

19 March 2020 SRM carries on, and economic research will not stop 

Despite these difficult and delicate times, SRM’s economic research activity will not halt. In full compliance with government provisions, our team keeps on carrying out their duty
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9 December 2019 Video presentation of Enemed Platform | SRM & Energy Security Lab@Energy Center, Politecnico di Torino

On 3rd December in the European Parliament, SRM and Intesa Sanpaolo presented the Enemed Platform. The program allows to perform energy simulations, analysis and planning of RES. It provides a picture of the
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4 December 2019 Conference proceedings | MED & Italian Energy Report at the European Parliament

SRM and Intesa Sanpaolo organised the presentation of the “MED & Italian Energy Report 2019 – Energy sources, flows and strategies between Europe and the Mediterranean”, which was hosted
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12 April 2019 MED & Italian Energy Report : SRM at 5 Days on the Markets of Milan Finance | Video

On 8th April, Massimo Deandreis, General Director of SRM attended 5 Days on the Markets of Milan Finance to present  the First “MED & Italian Energy Report. Energy sources, flow and
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5 April 2019 First MED & Italian Energy Report |Naples 3 April 2019

On Wednesday 3rd April 2019, SRM presented the First “MED & Italian Energy Report. Energy sources, flow and strategies of Italy between Europe and the Mediterranean”, at the Sala Assemblee, Palazzo
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18 March 2019 Marlog 8 |SRM in Egypt for the International Maritime Transport and Logistics Conference

The rapid changes in global economic activities force the main players to face some strategic changes in the global market, especially in shipping, ports and international trade.
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