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23 October 2017 Conference Proceedings | Presentation of the 7th MED Annual Report

padoan2On Friday, 20th October 2017 SRM presented in Naples the 7th Annual Report “Economic Relations between Italy and the Mediterranean area” in occasion of the conference titled Europe and Mediterranean area between crisis and opportunity: the role of the Italian Economy. Among the speakers: Pier Carlo Padoan, Minister of the Economy and Finance, and Claudio De Vincenti, Minister for Territorial Cohesion and the Mezzogiorno.

The event was organized by SRM and Banco di Napoli in collaboration with the Fondazione Mezzogiorno Europa. The conference was focused on the growing centrality of the Mediterranean area and on future policies of stability and development for the Italian economy. In the Report, SRM has analysed, in addition to the import-export dynamics between Italy and the MENA Countries, the innovative models of development and port competitiveness of some of them. In particular, it has thoroughly investigated the instrument of the ZES (Special Economic Zones), which is going to be tested also in Southern Italy, thanks to the so-called “Mezzogiorno Decree”.

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Massimo Deandreis and Alessandro Panaro’s Speech – 20 October 2017

Video of the Conference

Press release and Summary (Italian Version)

Press review (Italian version)



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