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18 March 2019 Marlog 8 |SRM in Egypt for the International Maritime Transport and Logistics Conference

The rapid changes in global economic activities force the main players to face some strategic changes in the global market, especially in shipping, ports and international trade. Seaport management has been suffering for decades to contain with the evolvement in shipping industry market power, towards fast, reliable, and secure transport.

Integration as a business management strategy, would assist in facing the market rapid changes, while creating benefits of lowering the cost and increasing economies of scale as well as reducing the duplication of resources within the integrated ports.

Alessandro Panaro, Head of Maritime & Energy Dept. of SRM, has been present as keynote speaker at the Marlog 8, the conference will be held from 17 to 19 March in Alexandria of Egypt.  The conference this year focused on reviewing successful ideas, experiences, innovative and non-traditional solutions to finance capital-intensive investments in seaports, infrastructure & superstructure projects and Hinterland which support the logistics activities that contribute to the modernization and development of seaport activities in accordance with the sustainable development goals, which is consequently, will foster the competitiveness and development of its economies.

On Monday 18th March, Panaro attended the section of “Economic Impact of World Port Sustainibility” to present the Mediterranean economic scenario and competitiveness indicators.
Marlog 8 – Program
Download the slides of Alessandro Panaro



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